Staplehurst Cricket & Tennis Club
Club Officers
Joy Henson (Chairman)

Joy has been a member of the club over 30 years, her roles have included Chairman, Secretary, Player and Head Tea Lady and together with husband Alan running the Bar and Clubhouse. Her tireless enthusiasm is legendary and with two sons playing cricket for Staplehurst we are optimistic that she will remain as a cornerstone for many more years. Joy always puts the club first and this is evident in her forward thinking approach and knowledge of everything SC&TC.

John Swannick (Vice Chairman)

Since moving to Staplehurst in the early 2000’s John has held a number of positions within the club, he spends many hours keeping the club at the forefront of Kent’s Village Cricket Clubs and our achievement of the much valued Clubmark status is down to John’s supreme efforts. He is at the forefront of everything that moves SC&TC forward and when not playing each week will probably still be found on the Clubs premises working for others.

John Robins (Treasurer)

John has played Cricket at Staplehurst since the 1970’s and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of everybody that has been involved with the Club, some selective memory is incorporated in this, but his work as treasurer for in excess of 20 years is legendary and like all good accountants he treats every penny that the club spends as if it is his own.

Tom Henson (Club Welfare Officer)

Tom has played cricket at Staplehurst since birth, he returned to the club after a loan spell at The Mote, and is now the First XI Vice Captain. He took on the role of Club Welfare Officer and has thrown himself into it. He will probably be expected to remain in an active committee role for many years to come.

Matt Collard (Marketing & PR Officer)

After a couple of years as the PR Officer Matt’s impact is clear to see, his IT knowledge has seen us advance our Social Media Presence, create a “Club App” and distribute a Monthly Club Digest. He has also revamped the Website and generally overseen all of the issues regarding Marketing in the Red Book. Whilst doing this he still finds time to participate in a cricket match each week as well.

Steve Wright (Chairman of Cricket)

Steve has played for Staplehurst since moving to the Village in 2005 and has played for all of the clubs teams at various times, he has been chairman of the Cricket section for the last couple of years and also has a son playing for the club, Steve has been involved in cricket for many years playing at Ruislip Victoria in Middlesex before moving to Staplehurst.

Chris Saunders (Club Secretary and Membership Secretary)

Chris started playing cricket for Staplehurst when his son joined in 2006, he captained the Sunday XI for a couple of years and has recently taken up umpiring so that he can continue to be involved in the game as much as possible, he is in his second year in the secretarial role and is aiming to ensure that becoming and remaining a member is as trouble free as possible.

Tracey Trevett (Fundraising Officer)

Since joining the Club Tracey has been actively involved in all forms of event promotions and has been a head Tea-Lady during this time, currently sharing the job. Her unbounded enthusiasm for fundraising events has been of great benefit, and along with her family can frequently be found in the Clubhouse at weekends.

The General Committee

Chairman Joy Henson
Vice Chairman John Swannick
Secretary Chris Saunders
Treasurer John Robins
Marketing/PR & Membership   Matt Collard
Property Officer   Mark Savage
Fundraising Officer   Tracey Trevett

Club Welfare Officer

Tom Henson

Our Club Welfare Officer is Tom Henson who is available at all times either at the Club or on 07759 429282 for consultation by parents and others with welfare or safeguarding concerns.


Tom Davey John Sturges
Mark Savage Chris Watts
Chris Sharp Tom Henson
Sam McConnel Gez Saunders
John Swannick (ex officio as Junior Cricket Director)

John Swannick (Chairman)
Zane Cheeseman
Jack Lusher
Tom Henson
Mark Savage