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A statement from Club Chairman, Joy Henson

The Club’s General Committee has spent much of the last 12 months exploring options for funding the estimated £100-150,000 cost of its 2016-20 Development Plan. This Plan (see below) is critical for ensuring our long-term financial and sporting viability, enabling us to maintain our founding mission of promoting and facilitating participation of the whole community in the sports of cricket and tennis into the foreseeable future.

After long, hard consideration we decided the most realistic solution is to seek planning permission for a small-scale development on current surplus-to- requirement land at the edge of the Club’s site. To this end, an outline application was submitted to Maidstone Borough Council on June 15 for a single pair of high quality 3-bed semi-detached houses.

We are conscious of our responsibilities to neighbours and the wider local community and have not entered into this application lightly. But our needs are substantial if we are to continue to thrive and, although we have a track record of significant fundraising in recent years, we cannot see any credible alternative to this proposal.

We have sought to ensure the impact of the proposed development is minimised, consistent with our obligations as a Community Amateur Sports Club to extract the maximum value for reinvestment in the club’s facilities and activities from any asset disposal. We have been concerned to avoid over development of the site and deliver the least obtrusive approach to issues such as access and on-site parking.

We believe this proposal strikes an appropriate balance and hope you will be prepared to support it. If so, perhaps you would kindly add your support to the Club’s Building our Future page on Facebook here.

Joy Henson


In recent years the Club has enjoyed a story of growth and success both on and off the field. With over 400 members, we are now the largest community organisation in Staplehurst. And with 50% of those members under the age of 18, we are also the largest youth organisation in Staplehurst.

Our vision is based on the Club’s historic mission to facilitate and promote participation of the whole community in the sports of cricket and tennis. The current members are only temporary stewards of the Club’s assets which are held in trust for future generations and we are intent on remaining a key contributor to the community of Staplehurst.

But we cannot afford to stand still. We face considerable future challenges to both maintain and build on recent progress. Not least, the significant capital investment required to improve our facilities and ensure the Club’s long-term financial and sporting viability.

So the Club needs to raise £100-150,000 in the next 5 years, over and above our business-as-usual commitments, to implement our 2016-20 Development Plan.

2016-20 Club Development Plan

Our Story

Slide presentation to Annual Parish Meeting – 23rd May 2016